Samsung S7 Edge has exploded, the airport security screening will be a comprehensive block Samsung m

Samsung two days back to the topic of hot search list, Samsung cell phone burst a burst then another. The latest report, following an American user held last month, after the explosion of Samsung S7 Edge, this week there was a case of S7 Edge explosion.

It is understood that the explosion of the phone is the new version of Note 7 consumers will be replaced after the return of the phone received only two weeks. The consumer, saidthe phone is in the overnight charge when the explosion occurred, and the charge is used when the Samsung original charger.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time Samsung S7 Edge explosion. Last week, a

user in Ohio filed suit against Samsung because the S7 Edge exploded in its pocket, causing severe burns. Last month, there is also a Samsung S7 Edge in the overnight charge when

the explosion occurred, the charge is used when the original charger.



Earlier, for security reasons, the world airports security screening collective ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7, forcing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 announced the permanent termination of production and sales, and in the world began a large scale recall. It is reported that Samsung and

the South Korean government has been involved in the investigation Samsung Note 7 bombing, the cause of the explosion has not been identified.

In the Note 7 after the destruction of the recall, S7 / S7 Edge Samsung has become one of the few flagship flagship product, Samsung has also improved the S7 series of products available to the current situation, has sold more than six months of the S7 Edge does not exist Similar to the general battery problem, things still need to wait for further test r

esults. If the S7 Edge phone can not find the reason for the explosion within a short time, will likely take Note 7 of the posterior, which is now bruised Samsung is undoubtedly worse.

Temporarily there have been no aircraft on the Samsung S7 Edge explosion cases, the major

airports have not posted on the S7 Edge of the ban. However, from the two consecutive S7 Edge explosion, S7 Edge of the explosion may once again dragged Samsung into the airport blacklist of difficulties.

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