What are the contrabands that the airport passengers do not allow?

January 1, 2017 will be promulgated the new airport security regulations focus on the contraband to check the security of the problem. According to the survey conducted by the aviation security department, there are three kinds of contraband items in the most prohibited items that are most easily overlooked by passengers. These three kinds of items are often carried by the passengers, but they are banned from the plane.

The first is liquid, divided into ordinary liquid and dangerous liquid. Common liquids include wine, beverages, milk, travelers' own tea, and small warm handbags used as a filler for liquid items in winter, and fruits with ice water as preservatives; dangerous liquids include alcohol, hydrochloric acid, Banana water and other flammable and explosive liquid.

The second is the weapon class, in addition to the prohibition of the control of firearms, as well as climbing sticks, glass knives, metal tableware with gift boxes, etc., in addition, razor, utility knife, Ms. used to repair eyebrow special eyebrow blade, as Decorative ornaments of the knife and scalpel are also a weapon.

The third is other dangerous items, such as lighters, toy guns and simulation guns, air shells produced handicrafts and a strong irritating pepper, chili powder and so on.

However, recently in the country a number of airports have found some fresh prohibited items, such as: belt buckle knife, bracelet-type magnesium rods flint, keychain type lighter, which we usually may be rare things, these are prohibited items , Can not bring the plane.