Airport quickly check the six trumpet

Airport security time is too long, security is too slow, has gradually caused passengers to board trouble. Some passengers because the airport security time is too long and delay boarding time, a lot of time wasted on the flight. How can the airport passengers to quickly check the airport security check the door, so smooth the whole day boarding it? This requires passengers to do their own boarding security preparations.

1.  Liquid cargo consignment Airport check-in check the most stringent liquid. Each customer can only carry 100ml of liquid boarding, and the airport security of the type of liquid to check very carefully, all belong to the dangerous liquid and flammable liquid liquid bottled liquid are not allowed to carry boarding.

2. a hand baggage. Boarding luggage should be checked by the luggage security machine, in order to prevent passengers to carry dangerous dangerous machinery and dangerous flammable and explosive items, China's civil aviation law provides that all boarding baggage equipment must be X-ray inspection machine inspection, Fully guarantee the safety of luggage items. Therefore, in order to save the luggage security time, passengers boarding the luggage to carry the less the better.


3. Prepare boarding pass, ticket, ID card in advance. Prepare all the boarding need to check the documents, to avoid the gate can not find documents rush, delay boarding time.

4. Metal items into the baggage, do shipping. Over the airport security, in addition to mobile phones, watches, keys and other important metal items to carry, the rest of the metal items as far as possible into the baggage bag, do shipping. Because the airport security, all passengers need to be a metal detection security door inspection, if the passengers carrying too much metal objects, security doors and hand-held metal detector will be induction alarm, causing the airport security officer's attention.

5. Notebook camera alone security. Notebooks and camcorders are expensive technology products, over the airport security check when the proposed separate security. If the notebook and the camera and luggage on the same bag over the security machine, there may be other passengers into the security machine conveyor baggage collision or crush, separate into the security check, then the passengers will be released luggage Attention, with your computer and the camera to maintain a certain distance into the security check the channel, to avoid causing a collision.

6. heavy coat off the inspection. Airport security requirements of passengers must accept the security personnel hand-held metal detection security device for body scan security, if you wear thick clothes, on the one hand, the security officer must give you layers of clothing inspection, to extend the time of personal safety; Aspects, the general heavy clothes are equipped with a lot of metal zippers or buttons, hand-held metal detection security device will be everywhere to the police, security personnel may have doubts, more than a detailed check for you.