Dual 11 courier companies how to do 100% security machine?

Double eleven is the global electricity business carnival, is also the express industry's busiest period. In order to further strengthen the safety management of delivery channels, requiring the courier industry in the double eleven to strengthen the delivery channels 100% implementation of the "receiving inspection realname receiving and sending + machine security" three measures.

Express mail delivery has many links, the whole network operation, the separation of goods and other characteristics, including the collection, sorting, transportation, delivery and other links. Which is the first pass to send the delivery channel is also the most critical security gatekeeper express delivery channels. Courier companies to strictly accept the inspection as the customs, all kinds of prohibited items sent to intercept the delivery channels,but also to strengthen the acceptance staff to send and receive inspection system to strictly implement the awareness and improve the inspection staff security inspection machine inspection capacity And inspection techniques. Because the courier industry employees mobility, clerk every day to receive express mail and other issues, some enterprises and practitioners also exist as the test is not standardized, not in place and other issues, to the deliverychannel security caused some hidden dangers.

     The postal administrative department also should coordinate the double eleven express deliverydelivery management work. Increase the daily inspection, inspection efforts, urge the area ofpostal and express delivery enterprises to strictly implement the acceptance inspection system, the receiving and sending items must be 100% first -pass security inspection, as after packaging. Inspection of enterprises to develop acceptance inspection procedures to implement, increase the safety of industry practitioners education and training, adhere to the "who sent to send, who is responsible for" clear acceptance of the principle of acceptance responsibility. In particular, to strengthen the dangerous liquids, flammable and explosive materials, check and accept, is strictly prohibited delivery, the implementation of ineffective or mere formality, a mere formality, once found strictly in accordance with "Postal Law" and other laws and regulations severely punished. At the same time also remind the user must comply with the national ban on delivery, restricted delivery requirements, truthfully fill out the details of the contents of single delivery, and with the postal and courier companies to do the work of acceptance inspection work. If the illegal delivery of related items and information, will bear the corresponding responsibility according to law.