China's first natural electric field prospecting instrument was born in Inner Mongolia Chifeng

Exploration engineering is also called exploration technology, including drilling and pit exploration two. More traditional prospecting technology is a mine target for the preinvestigatio

n and census, the detection time is relatively long, two years or even longer, so the cost of manpower, material and other high costs. Reporter recently in Inner MongoliaChifeng nonferrous metal ore target was informed of an advanced prospecting device - ADMT 1A touch screen threedimensional diagram of electrical prospecting instrument prospecting speed, easy to operate, that is to achieve detection results and cost savings. Technical personnel in Hunan, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Yunnan and other nonferrous metal prospecting target different location and line spacing, measured gold, silver, copper, zinc and other dozens of non-ferrous metal ore, measurement accuracy and accuracy The detection position error is not more than 1%.

This ADMT 1A touchscreen threedimensional electrical method prospecting instrument developed byGuangzhou Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on the reference of advanced electric meter, combined MT method, frequency test method, transient electromagnetic method, etc. A variety of electrical exploration methods, using natural electric field and geological structure generated by different resistivity changes and other related parameters to determine the analysis to find the underground nonferrous metals and other anomalies, combined with geological theory and measurement data for qualitative and semiquantitative Data interpretation, detection

of underground metal trends, ore horizons, thickness and other related information.

After more than 20 years of technical research, testing and practice, ADMT 1A natural electric meter prospecting instrument and artificial direct current meter contrast test, ADMT 1A natural electric instrument prospecting instrument in some poor ground conditions detection anomaly curve consistency More real, with the threedimensional display map data information ismore obvious. ADMT 1A natural electrical instrument prospecting instrument can accurately detec

t 0-255mv within the range of metal elements and specific location, the detection depth of up to 600 meters, can quickly lock the metal ore mineral target area, eliminating the need for a large number of pre-survey And census work.

ADMT 1A Natural Electricity Meter Prospecting Instrument is developed specifically for the exploration of underground minerals. It is widely used in the exploration and prospecting of mineral energy, such as metal ore, nonmetallic ore, oil and gas, coal mine and so on. Geological experts said, ADMT 1A natural electric instrument prospecting instrument greatly reduces the use of geological drilling, reduce the risk of investment in mining, improve the scientific nature of mineral investme