How does the security officer analyze the contraband according to the security machine picture?

Airport security officer is a special test of the ability to coordinate the profession, to do "three" good, "good eyesight" "action fast" "good attitude." Airport security personnel every day to check thousands of items in the trunk, they must be found, including cutting tools, firearms, large liquid cans, including prohibited items. Guangzhou Xintian Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides X-ray images to reveal the security inspectors to see the screen.

Traveling For travelers, security checks are one of the most troublesome problems. Led the heavy luggage in front of the board there is still long to see the head of the team in the security, impatient emotions arises spontaneously, on the way to meet a little bit of troublesome things will make you anger rise. Although there are X-ray security machine technical assistance to see the picture or security inspectors, so in order to solve this problem of airport security difficult, the most important thing is to improve the security inspectors to distinguish the ability to hide prohibited items in luggage.

X-ray inspection machine manufacturers in Guangzhou this map for the security staff to provide training, these pictures involved eight kinds of prohibited items, including mandatory, cutting tools and spray cans. Eight groups of pictures each have two, the first shows the X-ray scan out of the luggage picture, and the second is circled on behalf of the shape of prohibited items.

Here to see X-ray security machine manufacturers how to train security inspectors with gold eyes found hiding in the luggage in the prohibited items?

Figure 1 This suitcase has a carry-on knife, which is prohibited in the safety guide.

Figure 2 This tank body milk more than 100ml of the airport security requirements.

Figure 3 can only see a gun in the trunk of a handle.

Figure 4 Carrying suitcases can not carry more than 7 feet of pliers.

Figure 5 hair spray can not carry.


Figure 6 For safety reasons, during the flight, the control tool can not carry.


Figure 7 Realistic replicas of light weapons can not be carried on the plane.