Guangzhou Baiyun Airport teach you how to quickly check the security machine?

Often passengers complained that the security line waiting time is too long, the airport huge traffic and some of the first time passengers do not understand the security knowledge makes the time through the security extension. So today here, Xiao Bian to the majority of visitors to share the rapid courier through the security coup:



1. Before the security, the packaging volume of more than one hundred milliliters of cosmetics and other liquid items and cans and other liquid food containing consignment, in advance to deal with no identification or capacity of more than 160Wh charge treasure, in advance to the airline to declare capacity In between 100-160Wh charge treasure;

2. In advance to deal with the lighter items in the lighter, knife scissors, all kinds of tools, drinks, tea and other items, because these are all prohibited items carried, in order to save through X-ray security machines and other security equipment troubleshooting time, Do not carry these tools around;

3. Electronic products such as computers, e-books, projectors and other electronic products, as well as umbrellas, keys, insulation cups and other metal items alone, because these products contain metal materials, through the luggage X-ray security machine or security door Check will cause the alarm;

4 portable baggage as simple as possible, categorized, body coat and pocket a lot of clothes to choose a security check can be faster;

5. Try not to wear high tube, thick bottom, attached to a large number of metals and other difficult to check the shoes;

6. do not carry the Civil Aviation Authority to prohibit the carrying of all prohibited items, etc., can be asked to check the on-site security personnel, and actively cooperate with the safety inspection work.

More than one for the sake of others, more than one inclusive, more support and understanding, will give us a more pleasant journey, more comfortable and harmonious life!