Do you know the skills of these airports?

In recent years, the convenience of the aircraft makes the aircraft gradually become the preferred travel tool for passengers. But this also derived a headache problem, the airport passenger safety check too slow. A few weeks ago, the two major US central airports in New York airport and Washington airport due to airport security delays to 2 to 3 hours, resulting in the majority of passengerscan not board the flight and missed the flight, passengers were forced to boycott the Airport Authority.

With the state to strengthen the airport security control, airport security is bound to be more cumbersome. How quickly through theairport security does not delay the journey? Here are the tips you have to check out.

First, understand the airport security process

1.Check the ticket. According to the provisions of the Office of security, to enter the specific venues must carry the corresponding ticket, the need for security clearance of the staff should first check whether they carry the relevant ticket, the authenticity and whether with their own, and in accordance with the tips on the ticket, select the appropriate channel Admission.

2. Select the channel. In clear their own choice of security channels and tickets correct, where carrying photographic camera equipment, bottled water, luggage and other bulk baggage staff should be directly in the X-ray detector special channel waiting to avoid repeated queuing and time-consuming The

3. Check items. Close to the front of the security should be carrying their own mobile phones, wallets, keys and other carry-on items, take the initiative to put into the basket on the table, so that the police check.

4. Security review. Where after the security door caused by the buzzer sound of the staff, the police need to use hand-held metal detector for its manual review, X-ray security machine found suspicious items, need to open the package inspection.

5. Take off. After the security police confirmed that no carry contraband, the admission staff from the X-ray machine or basket to retrieve their own items into the museum.

Second, understand the airport security forbidden items which items

1. Prohibit the use of firearms and ammunition, explosives, control tools, tear gas, electric batons, electric shocks and other national laws and regulations prohibit individuals illegally owned dangerous goods.

2. Do not carry all kinds of flammable and explosive materials such as lighters, matches, nail polish, petrol, kerosene, diesel, alcohol, canned lighters, liquefied gas cylinders and gas cans.

3. Prohibit the use of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, alkali, cyanide and other corrosion, highly toxic chemicals and various types of radioactive sources.

4. Do not carry all kinds of harmful, infectious pathogens.

5. Do not carry all kinds of leaflets, banners, slogans.

6. Do not carry all kinds of hard-packaged drinks that can be used for throwing.  

7. heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and other drugs.

8. Do not carry all kinds of pets, transport admission.

9. Do not carry long-handled pointed umbrellas, canes, sticks, bamboo rods, syringes, etc. can be used to attack other people's objects.

Third, over security, "a slow two to see three checks"

  "A slow" is a large flow of people, do not rush into the security door, crowded at the door, in order to line up in the order, waiting for security;

  "Two look" is to see about to turn their own security, the advance will be out of the items, ready to put the basket to accept the inspection, security, to take care of their own items, do not and other people's items, get together Mixed;

  "Three checks" is the security, the baggage items immediately to check the inventory, to prevent the wrong, lost and stolen, to confirm the security and then leave. If you happen to take the wrong, lost, stolen, please contact the police quickly.