Double 11 Express security check to strengthen?

Receive the inspection + real name received + overhaul security, "the three measures is the past two years to strengthen our express delivery security investigation of the focus of the work of the two is the bus industry's most busy period, but also the focus of this system, of which Express items over the security check is the most effective one of the most efficient way.

How to do a good job using the security machine to carry out the investigation of the express thing? This requires the express delivery enterprises to improve the safety of the person in charge of the safety inspection and inspection skills, learn to quickly identify the security machine images shown in the dangerous liquid and flammable and explosive materials, to grasp the rapid investigation of luggage hidden control tools, Metal weapon. Shuangyi during the courier to increase the amount of receipt, and even some courier companies to temporarily recruit part-time courier, these factors easily lead to the presence of inspectors are not standardized, not in place and other issues, to send security caused some hidden dangers, The detection of the security machine is conducive to circumvent the risk of this man's negligence.