MD-V3S visual ve-hicle inspection mirror

MD-V3S visual ve-hicle inspection mirror

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MD -V3S visual vehicle inspection mirror

1.  MD-V3S visual inspection mirror under the scope of application:

It can be used for checking the safety inspection of airport, parking, military area, private car and so on. It can be used to check the inspection mirror of automobile, machine, warehouse, school, factory equipment or other difficult to direct viewing area.


2.  MD-V3S visual inspection under the car mirror Features:

● display with color TFT 265 million color digital screen. Exclusive development of the drive board, with the image left and right conversion and 5 times the electronic variable light and other powerful features. So that your screen more vivid colors more vivid.

● camera with SONY, CCD sensor, 3-5 m infrared, so you even in the night can also be applied normally.

● Aircraft-type triangle wheel, make your operation more light, more comfortable to use.

3.  MD-V3S visual inspection of the car under the mirror Specifications:

● Working voltage: DC12V.

● Working current: 220mA.

● Specifications: 3.5-inch TFT digital LCD screen.

● Resolution: 320 * 240

● Horizontal resolution: 420 lines.

● Power: Rechargeable lithium battery.

● Camera: SONY CCD sensor.

● Lens view angle: 120 ° wide angle.

● Infrared distance: 3 --- 5 meters.