5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner / Airport Security Baggage Scanner

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner / Airport Security Baggage Scanner

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5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner / Airport Security Baggage Scanner

5030C X Ray Baggage ScannerMain Features:

1.Small tunnel design, including the operator rights management, real time status information, reports and other user-friendly configuration, the overall aesthetic and practical device
2.Advanced image processing platform, providing  strong functions to operator
3.Meet all the applicable laws and regulations with respectable X-ray emitting devices
4.Penetration, resolution and other key technical specifications have reached or exceeded the national standard GB15208-2005

5.For public places conference, government offices and other important places
6.High-precision X-ray detector, making the image more clearly

7.With the world leading pure digital, large scale analog components realize high-speed parallel da-taacquisition

Magnifier: Partial magnifying function

Brightening/dimming: Increase/Decrease brightness of image

Image recurrence: Display all the the previous images and process any one of them

Image restoration: Restore image to initial status

Image storage: Real-time store any image and process it in operation status

X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector (single energy), 24bit depth

Display: High-resolution 19 inch color LCD display

Edge enhancement: Object contour edge is more distinct

Super image enhancement: Image detail is more distinct

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner X-ray Generator:

Ray Beam directionBottom-illuminated

Tube current0.4~0.5mA(adjustable)

Tube voltage100-160 kV(adjustable)

Ray beam divergence angle60°

The cooling / work cycleSealed oil cooling / 100

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner Image Processing System:

X-ray sensorL-shaped photodiode array detector (C), 24bit depth

Monitorhigh resolution 19 inch LCD SamSung monitor

Color image display24-bit true color display

Edge Enhancementthe outline of objects will be more clear

Super Image Enhancementthe details of the image are more clear

Magnifierlocal amplification function

Brighten / darkenIncrease/ decrease image brightness

Image RestorationRestored to its original state

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner High penetration display    :

improve image contrast in bright areas, so the easy penetrating area will be more clear

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner Low penetration display:

improve image contrast in dark areas, so the difficult penetrating area will be more clear

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner Image pull back / front pull:

Show the top 20 images, and the current image can be any image processing

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner Image Storage:

Real-time save any image, any image can be processed arbitrarily ,

continuous work to save

5030C X Ray Baggage Scanner‍ Environmental conditions:

Operating temperature / humidity0℃45℃20%95% (No condensation)

Storage temperature / humidity-20℃60℃20%95% (No condensation)

Operating Voltage90V~250V  50/60Hz

Power consumption1.0KW(maximum)

Noise level<55dB (A)

Technical Standards Technical Parameters

Tunnel size 500(W)×300(H)mm

Conveyor speed 0.22m/s

Load 150 kg

Resolution ∮0.0787 mm

Penetration ≥40 mm steel plate

Monitor Samsung 19in LCD Monitor

Noise < 55dB(A)

Operating system windowsXP

Film Safety Safety to the ISO1600

Dimensions (L) 1750mm (W)750mm(H)1300mm

NW / GW 290 kg / 360 kg


500G hard drive to save any image in real time, can store more than 100,000 and can make any im-age processing, and continuous work to save.

Leaking radiation dose rate

Away from any device outer surface of 125px, the ray irradiation leak rate should be < 0.05µGy/H

Airport, Train station, Bus station, Government Building,Embassy,
Conference Center,Exhibition,Hotel, Social Events,
Post office, Logistics