Imported portable security machine

Imported portable security machine

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Portable X - ray digital imaging security system

First, portable X-ray digital imaging security system

(NOVO DR) has launched a new generation of portable X-ray digital imaging security system, we combine X-ray digital imaging research in the field of years of technical experience, the use of the most advanced technology and high-quality components manufacturing production, which launched This portable X-ray imaging security system. We offer the most innovative security products, this product is compact, durable. Suitable for use in a variety of environments and provide the highest detection image quality.

Second, the portable X-ray digital imaging security system features

In the field of explosive exclusion, rapid decision making is very necessary. Real-time, high-quality digital images are critical to suspicious targets or internal analysis of bombs. Our device only needs the operator to close the measured target successfully shot once, can be obtained on the Tablet PC for viewing high-definition X-ray imaging. The system is portable, lightweight and easy to deploy, can be fully battery operation, providing the highest quality images.

Special forces often need easy to carry, easy to deploy portable equipment. The NOVO Innovative System offers a very compact and rugged backpack system. Small rugged flatbed operating system, reducing the size and weight of the entire system. Greatly improving the mobility of the work.

Third, the role of portable X-ray digital imaging security system

In the anti-camouflage investigation NOVO system also plays a vital role. Such as finding eavesdropping and destructive devices that may hide in radio, desk lamps, chairs, and even the entire hotel. Thus serving to protect the role of public officials.

In the area of border control NOVO system is very suitable for the detection of contraband and explosive devices, used to check whether there are suspicious items inbound and outbound goods. The system can be quickly detected, after image analysis can be concluded on the spot. The NOVO system's robustness and full battery operation make it available in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.

In the case of customs inspection, the inspector must perform a quick and non-destructive inspection of suspicious vehicles and goods on a daily basis. Our system has high penetration and excellent image quality, can quickly draw conclusions, easy to operate the software, the contraband detection, such as ammunition, weapons, drugs, jewelry and alcohol is the most ideal detection system.

Fourth, the main features of portable X-ray digital imaging security system

● Imaging area of 231mm x 284mm, thickness of 16.5mm, weighs only 1.8kg, easy to carry and layout.

● Durable: suitable for working environment and field environment, all using MIL-DTL38999 standard interface, with MIL-STD-810G standard Tablet PC.

● compact: a full system only a 25-inch military wheeled trolley can be stored.

● wired / wireless: standard 50m connection operation or 300m wireless operation.

● Leading: professional digital imaging detection touch screen operation software.

● HD: the latest generation of 16-bit high-definition imaging board, easy to get the highest image quality.

● Compatibility: Optional control line, synchronous control of a variety of brand X-ray machine.

● Endurance: full battery operation capacity of up to 8 hours (optional 16 hours), full of electricity only 5 hours.

● user interface: user-friendly interface, easy to quickly grasp the equipment application skills.

Fifth, Portable X-ray digital imaging security system advanced software features

The system is equipped with touch screen tablet computer and touch screen professional X-ray digital imaging nondestructive testing software, with image acquisition, processing, storage and other basic functions, it uses the latest touch screen technology for field operations to provide the best conditions. Test images can be 16 times without distortion, adaptive stretch, sharpening, three-dimensional relief, notes, measurement, X-ray security delay and other useful features.