JT-100A Walk Through Metal Detector

JT-100A Walk Through Metal Detector

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JT-100A Walk Through Metal Detector

Description Of Public Guard Portable JT-100A Walk Through Metal Detector :

1Easy to install: the system is integrated design, just 5 minutes to complete the installation or disassemble.

2Accurate Positioning: 4 overlapping network detection zone, bilateral transmit and receive, can be accurately positioned to detect objects, intuitive display of the target location.

3Password Protection: only the correct password can changes the sensitivity and other parameters. Password with four digits, can be set by the user.

4Count Statistics: pass count and alarm count.

5Harmless to human body: harmless to heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, recording tapes etc.

6Micro Processor Technology: the scanning electromagnetic wave generated by the microcomputer control circuit, the scanning rate can be precisely controlled.

7Power Supply Security: the power supply on the top of the control box, waterproof.

8Waterproof Foot Cover: not only can fixed the device, but also waterproof.

9Waterproof: using PVC synthetic material, special technology, waterproof, fireproof, shockproof.

10Sensitivity Adjustable: each detection zone has 200 sensitivity levels  (0 ~200). Preset metal size, you can exclude the coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckle etc.

11Digital Pulse Technology: digital signal processing and filtering system, has excellent anti-interference ability.


Vertical dimension:2230x580x830mm

Vertical channel size:2000*700mm

Detection door packing size:2290x630x180mm

Main box packing size:755x210x340mm

Net weight :56.6KG

Gross weight:62.8KG

Working voltage:90V~240V 50/60Hz

Power :20W

Working frequency:1-50 bands

Working temperature:-20℃ ~ 65℃

Maximum sensitivity:Maximum sensitivity ≥ 10g metal