JT-100C high-end LCD walk through metal detector

JT-100C high-end LCD walk through metal detector

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JT-100C high-grade LCD walk through metal detector

This figure JT-100C 2015 latest 6-zone LCD display metal detection walk through metal detector is a high pass rate to meet the needs of users of the design and development of security inspection equipment. The world's leading anti-vibration design, can be intuitively displayed on both sides of the door posts by prohibited items where the area, viewing angle of up to 180 degrees. walk through metal detector with ultra-high detection sensitivity, superior anti-interference ability, comes with diagnostic procedures, power-on self-test function. The use of high-strength materials, with a strong fire, anti-corrosion and shock capacity.

一、This figure JT-100C high-grade LCD walk through metal detector features

1, accuracy: pre-set the weight of metal items, size, size, location, excluding keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other false alarms. The copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal or control tools and guns to the police. With multi-location detection at the same time alarm function and large objects detection intelligent distinction between functions.

6 position display: unique continuous partition technology, independent 12 probe Interactive 6 zones (can be made as required independent probe interactive 12-18 zones), detection is more accurate, each area can be individually set the sensitivity, ultra-bright patch Intelligent partition alarm indicator and ultra-bright patch double location indicator, with large objects to distinguish intelligent detection function, 50 selectable operating frequency band, so that the detection of more accurate detection of doors.

3, the number of statistics: you can detect the number of people and the alarm number, and 100 people 100 people, not more or less.

4, Earthquake design: the world's exclusive shock design, standing in the middle of the door, hand on both sides of the door, the door will not be false positives.

5, sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, the sensitivity of each district 0-255 adjustable, when used according to their need to detect the sensitivity of each zone to adjust. Security levels 1-10 are available. Comes with alarm sound mute mode, 10 kinds of alarm sound selection mode alarm sound size adjustable mode, the use of more convenient and feasible.

6, the door material: the use of high-strength materials, fire board, plus waterproof membrane, which has aluminum pillars, no deformation, fire, moisture.

7, both sides of the post light: two rows of LED lights on both sides, you can intuitively display the alarm location, with multi-location alarm at the same time detection function, sound and light alarm at the same time.

8, panel display: 5.7-inch long LCD screen in English subtitles display, integrated four key panel mode of operation, high brightness LCD display number and alarm number and alarm location.

9, the parameters can be set up password protection, the system has dual password protection, so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.

10, multiple network interfaces, external control alarm device port, secondary development port / upgrade port, reserved communication interface, can be connected with the computer, camera, three rollers.

11, the use of the environment for a variety of electromagnetic interference, the entire system uses the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and use of DSP processors to prohibit the operation of the sampling signal correlation filtering and filtering, making the whole set of equipment has a strong electromagnetic interference ability.

12, can be set to multiple groups of operating frequency, making multiple devices side by side adjacent work, do not interfere with each other.

13, in line with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video and other harmless.

二、This figure JT-100C high-grade LCD walk through metal detector technical standards

Electrical safety standards in accordance with EN60950 implementation.

Radiation is carried out in accordance with EN50081-1.

Anti-interference is carried out according to EN50082-1 standard.

Strict implementation of the current through-type metal detectors national standards.

Comprehensive through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

Fully through the European Union CE certification.

三、This figure JT-100C high-grade LCD walk through metal detector technical parameters

External power supply: 215V - 230V 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 20W

Operating frequency range: 1-50 frequency bands, according to the installation environment to adjust

Working environment: -20 ℃ ─ 65

Installation environment: wide 2500px * long 5000px (no metal minimum range) sheet lateral

Metal detection accuracy range: the highest sensitivity 10g metal

Machine weight: about 71kg

Standing Dimensions: 2200 × 550x800 (mm)

Vertical channel size: 2000x700 (mm)

Main chassis packing size: 755 × 435 × 255 (mm)

Detection door package size: 2290 × 755 × 200 (mm)

Main chassis / detection door net weight: 67KG

Main chassis / detection door Gross weight: 71KG

Dimension: (mm) 2200 (H) x 800 (W) x 550 (D)

Channel Size: (mm) 2000 (H) x 700 (W) x 550 (D)