This map Kepu: security doors have no radiation?

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport human security instrument there is radiation safety problems caused

by all the hot. People talk about discoloration, to see any security equipment will be suspected there is no problem of excessive radiation. In this, this security door to everyone

about science security door security check whether there is excessive radiation on the humanbody this question? How to purchase security doors to the right security?

Knowledge points to share: security doors with or without radiation.

Any electronic products have a certain degree of electromagnetic radiation. We also have a lot around the electromagnetic radiation. Such as radio, television, mobile phone tower, highvoltage lines, computers, television, microwave ovens, induction cooker, mobile phones and so on.

Relative to these electronic products, security doors of the electromagnetic radiation is minimal, because the security gate is a weak magnetic field sensor technology, power is generally 20-35W, power consumption is very small, than the phone when the power to be much smaller times! Than the computer monitor radiation is also small. So the security door electromagneticradiation is safe.

Metal detection security door production must be issued by the Ministry of Public Security production license, must hold the public security departments of the quality and safety testing certificate, the export must pass CE certification. Many and have the relevant qualifications and certification, the majority of users must be clear before buying, buy security doors to see the qualifications and certification.

Security door procurement should pay attention to what points:

Earthquake detection of metal doors to purchase to consider: the door in the shaking can not be continuous ring. The stability of a security door and anti-interference ability, directly affect the normal use of security doors. Some enterprises an

users in the purchase of security doors did not notice the relevant aspects or deliberatelyavoided by some manufacturers, leading to the purchase of metal detection security door stability is poor, a sign of trouble on the false positive, seriously affecting the normal use.Magnetic field based on the principle of security door, when the magnetic field of the security gate vibration, prone to false positives. A quality security door, in the absence ofadoption, even if the magnetic field oscillation (such as strong winds or slap the door tomake the door slap) should not be the case of false positives. When the magnetic field oscillation was just passed, but also to ensure a rapid return to normal, and can not have

been a false report of non-stop.

Procurement security machine focus on stability: to carry a pin in the middle of the door

should take a ring once, can not omit and cross-reported. Poor quality of the security gate close to its sensitivity limit when there will

sometimes alarm, and sometimes do not alarm, and on the three areas of things, show the alarm in the five areas.

Detection effectiveness: security gate with automatic statistics "through the number of" and "alarm times" function. Such as the number shown and the actual number of people do not match, it may result in omission, which means security loopholes, a good security gate should be able to go 100 times to detect a hundred times.

Security door procurement should pay attention to sensitivity: in the middle of the door todetect the pin. As the principle of security gate is when the metal objects through the door on both sides of the column by the magnetic field, causing magnetic induction and alarm, which will inevitably lead to the sensitivity of the door by the two sides of the area to the middle of the decline of the phenomenon of both sides near the door The sensitivity will be higher than the middle. Now a lot of security door manufacturers have claimedto be able to detect a back needle-sized metal, but in fact a lot of security machine manufacturers only very close to both sides of the door in order to barely detect the middle is simply no response. In the case of belt buckle to be able to detect small pieces of iron metal, in the exclusion belt

buckle, keys, mobile phones, coins in the case to be able to probe into the control weapon and guns.