JT-100D touch-type Walk Through Metal Detector to open the touch screen security door era

Touch screen technology was born in 1971, invented by the American Samhurst. In 2007, "Forbes" magazine named the top ten popular technology and representative products, touch screen technology topped the list, it's representative product is Apple's iphone. Touch screen mobile phone, touch screen computer, touch screen navigation device, touch screen refrigerator, all kinds of touch-screen technology, touch screen technology, All kinds of touch

-screen technology products dazzling.

The rise of modern electronic Walk Through Metal Detector industry in the 20th century, 80 years, prevalent in the early 21st century. At first, the use of Walk Through Metal Detectors as fixed, only used inairports, railway stations, the Procuratorate, museums, subway, customs and other national security requirements more stringent relevant agencies. Until the beginning of the 21st century,with China's accession to the World Trade Organization and other processes to promote the rapid development of China's economic and trade, business, travel, entertainment and other related sectors have sprung up, in order to ensure the stable operation of these places, thestate began to request In a large flow of people out of the relevant sites began to purchase the installation of Walk Through Metal Detectors.

The prototype of the modern Walk Through Metal Detector is the traditional electric screen button sensitivity of 100, single-site detection of JT01 model Walk Through Metal Detector, with the security specifications improve,have developed the JT100A, JT100B sensitivity of 200 to four and six location Walk Through Metal Detector. According to the different needs of customers, Walk Through Metal Detector manufacturers can also provide luxury LCD screen Walk Through Metal Detector, wide-type highend Walk Through Metal Detector or portable folding portable Walk Through Metal Detector. Inspired by the consumer's love of the touch screen, in 2015 this model JT100D touch screen Walk Through Metal Detector come out, theWalk Through Metal Detector to open the touch screen Walk Through Metal Detector era.

This figure JT100D touch screen security screen screen material on the use of 7inch HDMI touch LCD screen, the detection location extended to 18 locations, the sensitivityof up to 255, each location with adaptive sensitivity adjustment technology, the most humaneis the optional mobile phone APP remote control, so you and the Walk Through Metal Detector in a different space can also be flexible control. Furthermore, the 7-inch HDMI touch

screen LCD system is equipped with custom four hot: human body temperature measurement system, video intercom system, pedestrian detection video system, face recognition system. A number of userfriendly features, the user, that simplifies the traditional steps of the Walk Through Metal Detector, andvividly records the number of security gate through the relevant information to improve the security specifications.

This figure JT100D touch screen Walk Through Metal Detector generation, so that the securitygate is not just a security check tool, it is a technology of art. As the touch screen Walk Through Metal Detector portability, since its inception in 2015, has become the preferred location with a numberof security sites and get the public security departments recommended by the Guangzhou Railway Station in the spring of 2016 to open two additional securityequipment, the Shanghai Pudong Airport Replace the security of new equipment, the use of thelatest touch screen JT100D Walk Through Metal Detector. Touch screen mobile phone to change

the consumer lifestyle, touch screen Walk Through Metal Detector will also bring security changes.